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> Am 29.06.2017 um 09:25 schrieb Sven Dyroff <S.Dyroff at phytec.de>:
> Hello Andreas, 
> >> If the remaining 99.9% of mankind would understand what's going on, 
> >> then reputation of these "opponents" would decrease significantly. 
> > 
> > Well, it is religion. People sometimes trust to navigation systems to 
> > make them magically go over the water. People believe in that. Well, 
> > there is an app for something so that must be ok and good. 
> > If that would not be the case then nerds would be asked by usual 
> > computer users questions like:"If I use this communication technology, 
> > my friend has always to use a special device, is there any 
> > alternative?" 
> I don't think that it's due to religion. I think it's digital dementia. 
> We have learned to navigate with this: 
>     https://www.amazon.de/Shell-Atlas-2016-2017-Deutschland/dp/3826460448 <https://www.amazon.de/Shell-Atlas-2016-2017-Deutschland/dp/3826460448> 

Yes and no. This "we" is not specific enough.

And implies some age group before iPhone, Garmin and TomTom was so
common. Let's say those who finished school before 2000.

Even then I would not say "we" but "some of us" have learned to navigate with this.
Because so man others have not even learned to use printed maps.

> How many people are still able to handle this, nowadays? 

I am not sure that this are less.

As said I know enough in my peer age group who never were able to navigate by
printed maps but now are due to navigation software.

So in total, more people can use the digital system than were able to use the analog one.

I.e. this is not "digital dementia". Because you can't forget or un-learn what you never
had learned.

> I was told that meanwhile young people have been sighted while trying to zoom the schedules of train arrivals / departures in railway stations by two fingers...   :-o 

Well, recently we were at a party and were handed out some leaflets with the text
we should help to sing. The text was too small to read... So we all tried to zoom
the paper by using the well known gesture.

Became the running gag of the whole day :)

> > Hmm, lets cite Immanual Kant. 
> I really like Immanuel Kant very much. But I think in this topic he cannot help. 
> > IMHO that is the main point of childhood and a bit also of adults. 
> > Even children do not get that tought so often. Sometimes parents 
> > are not happy anymore if their children just play around in 
> > kindergarten. There has always to be some kind of organized learning. 
> > Hmm, is that really so much better than having children to work? 
> Indeed this is an important question. But it has already been answered 47 years ago. See here: 
>     http://fragmente-wiesbaden.de/resources/Illich_Erziehung.pdf <http://fragmente-wiesbaden.de/resources/Illich_Erziehung.pdf> 

Well, that is difficult to judge if his assumptions are still valid
without knowing and understanding in which context it was written.

And especially in the topic of education every age has its own
view of what is good or not. There are ancient greek or egyptian texts
which talk about pupils who don't want to learn and are worse
than in past times and have no respect for the elderly wisdom...


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