[Gta04-owner] OpenPhoenux Letux/GTA04 Kernel- and Userspace-Hacking weekend

Neil Jerram neil at ossau.homelinux.net
Thu Apr 21 18:40:57 CEST 2016

On 21/04/16 15:33, H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:
> Hi all,
> finally, we have now defined the location and weekend dates:
> 4 & 5 June 2016 in Munich
> Details about the location are updated here:
> 	http://projects.goldelico.com/p/openphoenux/page/HackingWeekend2016/
> There will also be a pre-meeting "Stammtisch" open to everybody on 3rd June. So please
> make your travel arrangements. If you need support, please contact me.
> For best preparation, I think we should have these things ready when the workshop starts:
> * everyone has a notebook with required compilers, source codes, tools etc.
> * and (at least one) device to test on with cable/SD card flashing tools
> The idea is that we are maximally productive and not wasting (too much) time to setup hardware.
> WLAN is available at the site as well as a beamer for short presentations or code reviews in a group.
> Especially for the QtMoko task it would be good if someone could set up a build environment
> that works. In my experiments it did take several days (independently of trying virtual machines
> or OMAP5 hardware) but finally failed (too big or missing dependencies).
> It would also be nice if we could collect material (slide show?) in advance about the architecture
> of QtMoko and how the build system should work, so that we can share this knowledge in the
> workshop warmup.
> And there is a question I want to rise in advance: and wihc should have been answered when
> we begin to work.
> What is easier:
> a) porting existing complete QtMoko/QPE source and build system to build and run on Debian Jessie
> b) or rewriting/porting just the most important QtMoko applications to Qt5 (which is
>      easily available in Debian Jessie and works within minutes on a GTA04 - I have tested)?
> Opinions?

I personally favour (b), because I want my GTA04 system to be as close 
to a normal Linux as possible, including being able to mix apps of all 
kinds: X, Gtk, Qt and so on.  Rewriting the interesting parts of QtMoko 
so as to work with a normal desktop environment would be a great help 
with that.

However, I'm afraid I have no idea if it would be easy, or easier than (a).

Also BTW I believe there is lots of QtMoko NIH-ware that is now 
obsoleted by better components in general Linux.  For example, connman 
or network-manager instead of QtMoko's own networking management, and 
offlineimap or mbsync instead of QtMoko's own IMAP mailstore.  The 
interesting parts of QtMoko for me are its UI, such as its launcher, 
phone and SMS UIs, and its on-screen keyboard.


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