[Gta04-owner] Using touchscreen as a touchpad?

Sven Dyroff S.Dyroff at phytec.de
Thu Apr 21 15:10:55 CEST 2016

Still seems to be very chunky. What about following the link below that 


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Datum:  21.04.2016 15:05
Betreff:        Re: [Gta04-owner] Using touchscreen as a touchpad?
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On 21/04/16 13:47, Sven Dyroff wrote:
> Hello Neil,
> > Also has anyone tried using an external input device instead of the
> > touchscreen?  I think it would need to be something that is easy to
> > carry around with the phone, doesn't need a surface to sit on, is USB-
> > or bluetooth-connected, and can generate pointer and scroll events.
> You mean something like a little wireless trackball like that:

> ?

Yes, but ideally smaller - so perhaps this is better: 

Also ideally bluetooth instead of needing a little USB wireless adapter 
- since I can't plug that adapter into the GTA04.

> Otherwise someone should invent something like touch-sensitive 
> energy-harvesting bluetooth-plasticine...  ;-)

Yes, they definitely should!

> Best regards
>    Sven


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