[Gta04-owner] broken usb-connector, replacementpart

Thomas Munker t.munker at gmx.net
Tue Sep 22 14:52:44 CEST 2015

after some time as full-time mobile, my gta04 lately dropped while
connected via usb and the connector broke loose. 
Now i disassembled it, and as i see the shock broke off the plastic-pin
with which the connector was mounted on the circuit board. Also the
outer pads of the shield where torn off, the back pads are somewhat
broken, but i think there i can resolder again.

Will it work again, if i resolder just the back-pads and use glue for
the outer pads?
I want to by a new connector, because i think the broken plastic pins
are important. Where can i get some identical connector? Goldelico? Do
i need some article-number / manufacturer?

Kind regards,
Thomas Munker

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