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Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Mon Jan 26 08:55:46 CET 2015


Am 25.01.2015 um 02:29 schrieb serg at access-way.com:

> Hello, sir.
> I want to ask you about the state of GTA04A5 project. Is it still alive?

Yes. Or well, it is waiting to be revitalized.

I have had a presentation on the OHSW workshop end of last year:


> I'm quite interesting with this project.
> But i want to know the following things:
> 1) I found the Schematics, PCB, Layouts, etc for GTA02 project. But not for GTA04. Are these avaliable?

Schematics and component placement (and some more information) are available at the end of the manual PDF:


Gerber files are not available (since they are too much optimized for a specific production facility, so that they have no useful information that anyone should build on).

> 2) Will be avaliable for buying the complete device? I mean main board + display + accumulator + case + etc? (in case the project is alive of cource).

It is planned to provide a handful of complete (Letux 2804) devices, but we don’t have enough for everyone.
So the main focus is still a motherboard replacement for an existing GTA01/02.

> 3) I found you already collected 4350 Euro and you need 10K at least to start the production? Is this information still actual?

Yes. In fact we need 100 devices to make production cost go down to an acceptable (well still not for everybody) value.

The 5000/10000 EUR target to collect for preorders is that we might have to secure (risk buy) the modem modules soon.
They may go end of life anytime. And there is no known (3G capable) replacement on the market that fits into the space
of the GTA01/02 case (thickness is the issue). So if we can’t buy this specific model, we can’t build a motherboard
replacement any more.

> 4) How much is the price of UMTS modem you plan to use?

The GTM601W is around 60-100 EUR (w/o tax) - depending on number of units. Let’s hope that the EUR/USD exchange
rate will not skyrocket this.

> Thank you.

Nikolaus Schaller

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