[Gta04-owner] Upgrade to GTA04

Karsten Düsterloh kd-gta04 at duesterloh.eu
Tue Jan 6 03:53:53 CET 2015

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:
> And yes, the instructions appear to be outdated. Mainly, there is no 
> ts_calibrate any more. But the ./useful should still work.
> [Volunteers to edit and update these pages are welcome!].

These instructions are not just outdated, they are utterly destructive. :-/
Using the makesd script from /latest against the /latest directory, you
do get a kind of working system; running from my 1 GB SD it wasn't even
upgradable due to lack of space, but that's not the actual problem:
Running ./flash-nand will clear the nand but bark upon the new system
not fitting into the memory! Consequently, the multiboot nand menu is
gone then …

---- snip ------------
root at gta04:~# ./flash-nand
flashing Kernel
flash_eraseall has been replaced by `flash_erase <mtddev> 0 0`; please
use it
Erasing 128 Kibyte @ 3e0000 -- 100 % complete
Image 4239744 bytes, NAND page 2048 bytes, OOB area 64 bytes, device
size 4194304 bytes
nandwrite: error!: Input file does not fit into device
           error 0 (Success)
nandwrite: error!: Data was only partially written due to error
           error 0 (Success)
---- snip ------------

There should at least be a warning on that page — and the script should
at least check the size before erasing the nand.

> The recommended way to reinstall the boot system is to unpack the
> right .dd image onto a fresh SD card:
> http://download.goldelico.com/gta04/production/

I did not find any information which of these files would be the "right"
one for my gta04 board (or how to determine the board revision by
software anyway).
The file 20140728-gta04b3.dd being 1056964608 bytes in size, it should
fit onto a 1 GB SD card?
Could you elaborate a bit on "unpack the right .dd image onto a fresh SD
card" for someone who never did that before? :-)

> To get the kernel / rootfs into NAND you should then boot and run
> ./flash-nand

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