[Gta04-owner] The future of QtMoko

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Tue Sep 23 19:19:36 CEST 2014

since I know that there are many QtMoko lovers out there who wait for
new versions or new hardware that is supported, I have set up our own
build system to compile QtMoko v58 and create GTA04-single-partition
SD card images that might work with the newer DT based kernels we
are working on.

Here is the first result (installer for a 3.17-DT based GTA04 kernel and the
last official rootfs):

		makesd + unstable.tbz

It boots well an the touch is working. But of course many /sys nodes
have changed so that there is neither WLAN, Bluetooth or WWAN.
And no battery charging, sensors etc. But GPS appears to do something.

This raises some questions, especially as it appears that QtMoko isn’t
developed any more. At least there have been no commits in the last
9 months.

The first practical question is how to easily run the compile/test/fix cycle.

It took several days on my setup (build within qemu-system-arm -M vexpress-a9)
to build the qtmoko-gta04.deb, but finally it failed.

The next step, building a new rootfs and install and boot is much faster but
still slow.

Q1: Is there a simple method to get the development cycle down to some minutes
or even sub-minute?

Q2: The next question is how to adapt QtMoko to newer kernels since I assume
that there are some dependencies - at least in the /sys file names.

Q3: Another question comes from the idea that QtMoko should not only run on
the GTA02/04 devices but others as well. At least Letux 3704 and Letux7004,
but OpenPandora, Pyra and Neo900 are also nice candidates. Interested?

Q4: This raises a follow-up question: does QtMoko (and the apps) adapt automatically
to different screen sizes (or orientations like Neo900)?

Q5: Apropos GTA04: we could make QtMoko the standard install of the GTA04A5
production image - retiring the primitive LXDE… Interested?

Q6: The next question goes @Radek (I hope he still reads here): do you plan to
continue this work, i.e. accept patches? Or should we start and maintain a fork?

Q7: Finally, who is interested in developing and contributing towards making QtMoko
the most simple but greatest Telephony-GUI and helps to push the packages to
the mainline Debian?

Q8: should we base future development on donations like the kernel and Replicant?
If we find enough donations we could even pay someone for working continuously
on it.

A9: Other thoughs?


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