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Am 24.11.2014 um 07:42 schrieb Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller:
> Hi,
> Am 24.11.2014 um 04:50 schrieb Karsten Düsterloh <kd-gta04 at duesterloh.eu>:
>> Moin!
> indeed (04:50) :)
>> To all those who thought they were the last one to do the upgrade:
>> you weren't. ;-)
>> I finally got around to upgrade my neo freerunner to GTA04 including the
>> camera. And it's running! \o/
> Great!
>> Well, mostly. ;-)
>> I do have some questions and some remarks:
>> (1) The camera isn't working with neither QTMoko nor Replicant (stable
>> versions as linked from
>> <http://projects.goldelico.com/p/gta04-main/page/Software/>), both apps
>> just say "closed" and don't work.
>> Is that expected? How can I test if everything is connected correctly?
> Yes. Neither QtMoko nor Replicant images come with kernels that support the camera.
> To test the camera, please use the Debian/LXDE image and the camera test script in
> /root
>> (2) The AUX button blocks (being always on) if the front cover is fully
>> pressed on. I can make it work/release it by forcing the case open a
>> tiny bit with a finger nail, but that won't last.
>> I might file off a bit of the upper side of the AUX button or of the
>> case, I just wanted to know if that has happened to others …
> yes, that sometimes happens if the camera is installed. The camera is filling
> the plastics case to the last µm. So if something is a little different (tolerances)
> the AUX button is stuck.
> Yes, you can use a tiny rasp to make a little more room for the AUX button to
> move in the case. It is a little difficult to describe how it works.
> There might also be other methods to twist the case a little (maybe inserting
> a small piece of paper).

I had a similar problem back then, see how I fixed it here:

>> (3) The UBoot menu shows three test buttons in the lowest row.
>> I'm not sure what they should do/if they work as expected.
>> (I didn't upgrade the NAND, this is the menu as it came with the GTA04.)
>> - "Button LED":
>>  The screen becomes green for about three seconds, then the main menu
>>  reappears. No LED does change, either AUX nor start button.
>> - "Blink":
>>  The screen becomes blue for about three seconds, then the main menu
>>  reappears. No LED does change, either AUX nor start button.
>> - "Touch":
>>  The screen shows random garble, with some flickering yellow bars on
>>  cyan background at the top. The bars react somehow to touching the
>>  screen. The main menu is shown again when pressing either AUX or
>>  the start button.
> Their function is immediately stopped if the AUX button is pressed (which
> is in your case).
>> (4) I partitioned my SD card along the QTMoko suggestion under
>> <http://sourceforge.net/projects/qtmoko/files/GTA04/>, i.e.
>> - partition #1: small FAT32 with bootscript etc.
>> - partition #2: QTMoko
>> - partition #3: Replicant
>> - partition #4: extended partition, containing
>>  - partition #5: FAT32 for media stuff
>>  - partition #6: ext4
>>  - partition #7: ext4
>> I intended to add SHR (which I used on the freerunner) to partition #6,
>> and later maybe test other system in #7.
>> Obviously, the UBoot-Menu can't boot into #6 and I didn't find the
>> QTMoko way to do that. :-/
>> If I understand the UBoot mechnism correctly, partition #1 isn't
>> actually needed for booting QTMoko on #2, hence I could put SHR onto a
>> repartioned #1?
> If you have the boot loader and boot script in NAND, you can boot SD
> cards without a FAT partition.
>> That won't help with other systems in partition #6 etc., so what's the
>> most sane way to do that?

The most sane way is probably to only install 4 OSes, which is usually
enough for a smartphone. For everything else you need a custom solution,
which might get difficult.

>> (5) Did anybody actually try to create a Replicant-based Firefox OS for
>> GTA04 et al.?
> I am not aware of, but if someone works on it, please raise your hand!

All I know is this project:

It wasn't officially announced, yet and doesn't seem to be very active.

>> (6) Some notes on the upgrade instructions (the System Manual, Rev 4):
>> - 4.3 (8): "carefully unplug GPS antenna from UFL socket"
>>         → the image is fuzzy and I had no idea in which direction
>>           the plug is meant to come off
>> - 4.4 (2): The PCB connector is opened, but the cable is never
>>           mentioned to be removed. ;-)
>> - 4.5 (3): "carefully position and glue the Module to the new PCB"
>>         → carefully position *where exactly*?
>> - 4.6 should contain a reference like "if you have a camera module,
>> commence now with the camera installation in section X before putting
>> the PCB back into the case".
>> - 5.1 should have some notes on the GSM antenna position (like "metal
>> pin on the edge should point upwards to touch the GAT04 PCB").
>> - 5.1 probably should contain info for drilling a camera hole into the
>> back cover, for example putting the back cover on while drilling.
>> - 5.1 (5): The first image is fuzzy and it's not quite clear from the
>> two images which stuff is meant to be cut off. A red circle in the first
>> one might help. ;-)
>> - 5.1 (6): It's unclear how much of the snap fit is to be cut off.
>> Is the second image meant to show the problem?
>> - A magnifier is helpful with most of the bricolage. :-)
> Ok, thanks for these comments. We will integrate it into the GTA04A5 manual.


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