[Gta04-owner] Further 3.17 kernel development for GTA04

Folken folken at kabelsalat.ch
Thu Nov 6 01:11:25 CET 2014

On Thu, Nov 06, 2014 at 10:03:59AM +1100, NeilBrown wrote:
> > > GPS recievers use an oscilliator. This oscilliator interferes with
> > > nearby equipment. This is the reason why all the gps equipment installation
> > > manuals say that there should be at least 30cm between gps recievers.  
> > > So IMO an rfkill should be favoured. 
> That's useful information - thanks.

Beware I'm not an radiointerference specialist. I fly gliders (the man
carring type). We use a lot of electronic equpiment in our cockpits. So
radio interference / mageneto interference is an issue. So take
everything I say with a grain of salt. :) 

> Two questions:
>  1/ is it sufficient to just remove power from the antenna,
>     or is it also necessary to turn off the GPS device, in order
>     to prevent interference caused by the oscillator?

Most gps devices i use have an external antenna. Since the instructions
perpetrate to the antenna, i'd say its enough to switch the antenna off.

>  2/ The CPU has an oscillator as well - to keep time.  What is the
>     important difference between that oscillator and the GPS oscillator?
>     Different frequency?  More isolation?  No antenna?

Any oscillator emitts radio interference. The problem with gps antennas
is that they interfere with each other. The fear that lead to the ban in
commerical aircraft is that a device might interfere with any of the
sensor data or fly by wire carrying cables running through the fuselage.   

Things that are not desinged to emitt or recieve a signal are an order
of a magnitude less problematic. That is why you where allowed to use a
laptop without wifi/bluetooth during cruise flight. 

 - Folken
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