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Alexandre Roumiantsev ran at mail.wplus.net
Thu Mar 27 16:48:01 CET 2014

Hello, Lukas.

> > 2) I get some success with bq27x00_battery.c Thank you for pointing.
> I have played around pointed 
> > places, but did not collect it together. I am doing testing now and will prepare patch after finish.
> > Sorry for delay, I have busy week.
> No need to rush, I'm glad it is working out :)
> I'm looking forward to your patch.

I have tested a patch for bq27x00_battery.c, which allow see battery
status in real time. Find it in attachment. I really follow the Paul
Kocialkowski patch for Replicant-2.3
The build with this patch you can find here:

Best regards, Alexandre
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