[Gta04-owner] Goldelico Replicant 4.2 with Wifi

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Sun Mar 16 18:18:41 CET 2014

Am 16.03.2014 um 07:29 schrieb Alexandre Roumiantsev:

> Hello
>>>>>> I get "wep" AP working, however "WPA/WPA2" AP I could not see in scan
>>>>>> list. Please, could you describe your result of scanning.
>>>>> I can normally scan, find and connect to my WPA/WPA2 secured home network.
>>>>> Can other users confirm that they are able to connect to a WPA/2
>>>>> secured network?
>>> Still can see only my notebook AP ( which I set as "wep" ) and could not see any AP around
>>> ( both "wep" and "wpa" ).
>>> But my be it is a problem of signal strange? Notebook and subj in 30-50 cm distance.
>>> I had expirience that GTA02 wifi has not such problem, but what about GTA04?
>>> Does somebody has any info about.
>> Might be signal strength related... I can connect to my home AP, which
>> is about 5m away, but the signal is weak.
> I have done a simple experiment: Walk around my flat and look at wifi connection.
> The result: wifi receiver is too pure in comparison with previous GTA02 
> ( or Samsung i9100, or ASUS F3k I also have ). At some place of my flat I can see neighborhood
> APs - a list is too short in comparison with Samsung i9100 list, my notebook AP I can see only
> up to ~5m distance - it is too short distance. 
> Please, any comment.

the micro-antenna of the GTA04 is not at an optimal position. It had to go behind the display
so that it has a directional sensitivity. This is a little different from the GTA02 where it is
farther away from the display.

The best result should be if you point the upper left backside towards the base station.

Hope this improves it, but don't expect best in class.


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