[Gta04-owner] gta04 field use

Hermann Schwärzler hermann.schwaerzler at chello.at
Tue Mar 11 09:07:57 CET 2014

Hello Ben,

its interesting to see how you are using your gta04. :-)

How did you charge the battery? For me it looks like there is no
connection to the grid where you have been...

Which OS are you using on your gta04? Is it still SHR?


On 03/10/2014 12:06 AM, Benjamin Deering wrote:
> I've just returned from a ski trip to one of the most remote parts of
> Maine.  Here is my gta04 getting a weather update over FM in a poor
> reception area:
> http://www.jeepingben.net/zen/zenphoto/index.php?album=2014/Russell%20Pond%20Ski%20Trip&image=_SCF8139.JPG
> Since we were able to listen for weather updates I didn't bother with
> looking at barometric pressure graphs in barom
> <http://www.jeepingben.net/barom/>
> The gta04 was also important as a GPS for telling us where to turn when
> returning from skiing on a frozen lake (easier skiing) to the trail.
> I used the gta04 camera a few times, but I am definitely looking forward
> to a better camera in the neo900:
> http://www.jeepingben.net/zen/zenphoto/index.php?album=2014/Russell%20Pond%20Ski%20Trip&image=2000-01-02-203828.jpg
> http://www.jeepingben.net/zen/zenphoto/index.php?album=2014/Russell%20Pond%20Ski%20Trip&image=946845690.jpg
> Ben

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