[Gta04-owner] Kickstarter?

mx4812 at arcor.de mx4812 at arcor.de
Sun Mar 2 22:01:41 CET 2014


> the GTA02->GTA04 was the first to get a motherboard upgrade in a
> modular
> concept. It is similar to vintage cars. They are much worse in power and
> safety than
> modern cars, but they are vintage cars.

Thats quite a good analogy you draw there, quite uniqe, low production
volumes, and not directly crowd fundable.

> If someone wants to run a crowd funding campaign to finance the necessary
> feasibility studies and get some first prototypes built, it would be a nice
> project to
> work on a neoPhone 5s :)

Well, I wonder, if crowdfunding a freedom phone is the goal,
maybe the neo900 board and batch could be used.
I guess it is alrady optimized in thinkness and rectangular
shape, if the board dimensions are known and a proper
display, and battery are available, maybe a case design
contest could shape into a larger batch of freedom phones.

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