[Gta04-owner] Some thoughts about customer attraction

Mario Barcala email at mario.barcala.name
Wed Jun 11 13:29:02 CEST 2014

Hi all:

Maybe you have discussed about this in the past, but as customer
buying demand is always relevant in this list... I go.

So, the starting point for this reasoning is about the following

1) What parts of GTA04 cannot work with free software?

2) Is it possible to build a phone using only free software?

As far as I remember, inside GTA04 there are some "chunks" which there
aren't free software: something related with GSM/UMTS and, maybe (I'm
not sure), something related to Wifi and/or Graphics, in some cases
for something related to firmware blobs and in another ones because of
propietary drivers.

Why is this important?

I think that building a completely free software phone could be a key
to promote and to increase customers interest. If you get attention of
Free Software Foundation, for example, as in Gluglug X60 Laptop
I guess yoy can reach more clients. But for this to take effect, you
must get closer to sell a complete device (something like the idea of
Letux 2804 with a new case) than to sell a motherboard. Perhaps to
create two more independent parallel concepts/webs/products will help
to see that, on one hand there is a phone, for not hackers users which
want a free phone, and on the other there is a motherboard, for hackers,
environmentalists or DIY users.

I don't know if it is really possible to do a completely free software
just now. As there are completely free software laptops with wifi, I
think the only one problem is GSM/UMTS module. Is there any free
software GSM/UMTS module in the world?

If not, for me the idea that works is "We have the most free software
phone possible" or "We are doing all possible to get the most free
software phone", and even better if, in a second level information,
there are some explanations about why the module X could not be free

I don't know if there is much people like me, but FSF announcement of
glugglug-X60 was the first time that I consider to buy a new laptop
technically worse than the one I have if mine get crashed :)

Another question which could be interesting to deal with is to define
in a very clear way the objectives of the different projects: gta04,
openphoneux, etc. I know about gta04 for a year (more or less) and I
have read the web several times and I have some doubts about the main
objectives of the project: Free software?, ecology? In which
proportion? Which degree of implication in each of them? Which are the
new directions to make progress on each valueable aim?

Just for reflection.

Best regards,

  Mario Barcala

P.D. Let me know if openphoenux is better list for this kind of
thinking. I know openphoenux is discussing things related to my email,
but gta04 is a more tangible project for me.

Mario Barcala

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