[Gta04-owner] Golden Delicious and Neo900

Mario Barcala email at mario.barcala.name
Sat Jun 7 18:58:39 CEST 2014

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:
> [...]
> > I'll understand if you don't want to reply to this message. I know it
> > is a very personal question, but I'm very interested about the decision
> > of a highly respectfully and accessible company like you.
> Such decisions are very complex and based on aspects like risk/reward,
> time invested, personal goals, legal limitations etc. Same complexity
> as squeezing new electronics into a given plastics case :) But very
> different (and sometimes not well defined) building blocks.
> Anyways, the personal parts in such decisions are how the participants
> see their role, see problems, interpret legal rules, and which individual risks
> they want to take. And finally how much time they want to invest before becoming
> frustrated. People usually differ in such aspects and forming an organisation
> that still works is a really challenging management task. Even the Romans
> did know that it sometimes needs a "primus inter pares".

Thank you for your answer. I have any idea of these disagreements now.

> > 
> > Thank you and very good job!
> I hope that we can eventually find you as an owner of devices created
> by the OpenPhoenux community.

It's highly probable :). I'm a computer engineer without any
smartphone at all (only an old Nokia/Simbian phone for voice calls)
and I keep watching all alternative ways to move forward towards
freedom and/or ecology improvement, but I'll not change my phone until
it gets crashed or I really need (for any crucial purpose) some
smartphone functionallity.

I like your project so much, and it matches my lifestyle, but I will
not throw away my current terminal. I think my life philosofy is very
compatible with your project, so I'm a potential customer and even a
possible helper :). We'll see...

Best Regards,

  Mario Barcala

Mario Barcala

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