[Gta04-owner] Replicant-4.2 for GTA04

Lukas Maerdian luk at slyon.de
Fri Feb 21 15:24:01 CET 2014

Hi all,

I'm happy to announce the first build of Replicant 4.2 for the GTA04!
I've updated our documentation page in the wiki, to describe how to
build and develop on a Replicant 4.2 image for the GTA04:

The latest binary image by Goldelico represents almost the latest state
of the sources and is available for testing here:

Furthermore, there is a binary image by Alexandre, which is a bit
heavier patched to include some performance fixes, but does not use the
default GTA04 single partition installation scheme:

The two big differences in his image are that those two issues are fixed:

Replicant 4.2 is supposed to work better with a recent (upstream)
kernel, as our 3.12 kernel. It can select the needed clock for the
touchscreen automatically and has better support for the mainline
implementation of wakelocks.

Known problems in 4.2:
* ADB >= 1.0.31 is needed to connect to a Android 4.2 device (as
described in the wiki). A good version of ADB will be built the first
time you build the image for the GTA04, find it in out/host/...

* Wifi was partly working in our latest 4.0 image, but it is not working
anymore in 4.2. I need to have a closer look at this.

I'm looking forward to people testing the build process in the wiki and
the runtime of the binary image and reporting about their findings!

Best regards,

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