[Gta04-owner] Donations to investigate suspend current?

ben deering ben_deering at swissmail.org
Thu Apr 10 15:08:39 CEST 2014

> Well, 3.7 is working quite well - but has limitations in power
> management. 3.12 is working almost on the same level of functionality
> (only the 3D-GPU driver is missing), but AFAIK nobody did look into
> power management yet. So it is quite unknown if it is better or worse
> - and in which areas.
> But: the biggest challenge ahead is to stabilize 3.15ff.
> Why shouldn't we simply stick with 3.7?
> IMHO because 3.14 already is a major breakthrough into a brighter
> future. We have almost everything converted to "Device Tree". And
> after that is done, we do no longer have to maintain some of our own
> patches, because the mainline kernel is fully concentrating on the
> device tree based devices. Therefore we are also trying to upstream
> our diffs (I submitted 4 simple patches today). Patches coming from
> linus/master will then no longer make big problems as in the past and
> tracking will just need a git merge linus/master.
I agree with the idea of staying on the latest kernel and merging GTA04
code upstream and only suggested looking at the older kernels because
we know that is when the regression was introduced.

It sounds like I should build a newer kernel this week and see if there
are any easy things I can help with instead.

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