[Gta04-owner] Goldelico Replicant 4.2 Update (suspend + accel)

Lukas Maerdian luk at slyon.de
Thu Apr 10 14:20:22 CEST 2014


as Nikolaus said, you proably have to edit the GTA04 boardfile
(arch/arm/mach-omap2/board-omap3gta04.c), to correctly initialize the
LIS302 driver.
See how the BMA180 (bma150 driver) is initialized as a reference:

Also I will try to figure out why the system doesn't boot if a sensor
is not found and try to fix it, so you could at least boot your system
with my patches applied.


2014-04-10 10:14 GMT+02:00 Alexandre Roumiantsev <ran at mail.wplus.net>:
> Hello
> Thank you for explanation.
> i2detect  report me 0x1d and no 0x41, so I am "happy" owner of GTA04A3
> boards where the LIS302 was installed.
> At least it explain a reason why latest image ( sensors patch ) does not
> boot at my device.
> My first attempt to try driver from    free-electrons give no result. So
> some investigation required and some time should be spend for it. I will
> report if I get some news.
> Thank again, Alexandre.
>> Hi,
>> iif I remember correctly there are only one or two GTA04A3 boards where the LIS302
>> was installed. So a driver was never developed for it and all others have a BMA180.
>> Am 08.04.2014 um 18:49 schrieb Alexandre Roumiantsev:
>> > Hello
>> >
>> > Spend some time to install LIS302, but have not get any success.
>> > Please, can somebody help
>> > 1) to find which sensor exist at the device?
>> try i2cdetect -y -r 2
>> the LIS302 responds on 0x1c or 0x1d
>> the BMA180 responds on 0x41
>> i2cdetect will report a UU if a driver has been registered for that address.
>> Alternatively you can go into the U-Boot console and run the
>> systest
>> command. It will print all the I2C devices it finds.
>> > 2) if it is LIS302, which setting in gta04_defconfig have to be fired?
>> The LIS302 in the GTA04A3 design is exactly an LIS302DL(TR). Please note that there are different LIS302 chips...
>> This driver appears to be the right one (at least it mentions the LIS302DL):
>>       http://lxr.free-electrons.com/source/drivers/misc/lis3lv02d/lis3lv02d.h?v=3.8
>> So I think you need:
>> That essentially confirms what Lukas has written (see below).
>> In addition, you will have to add an entry to the board file to provide the correct platform data.
>>       http://lxr.free-electrons.com/source/include/linux/lis3lv02d.h?v=3.8

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