[Gta04-owner] QtMoko v57

Sven Dyroff S.Dyroff at phytec.de
Thu Sep 19 16:03:23 CEST 2013

Hello Radek,

it seems that there're still some bugs within NeoControl of v57 that need 
to be fixed. I created a new SD card with Nikolaus's production bootloader 
20130612 in FAT partition and QtMoko v56 in ext4, then did "apt-get 
update" and "apt-get upgrade" as recommended. I got the following:

- When starting Neocontrol, I now get the page where I can modify the 
logging interval. When I click "Next", nothing happens.

- When I click "Back", I get all the other pages of Neocontrol, but I 
never get a page that shows logging diagrams.

- The page with the battery data is being shown with a font size that 
requires a microscope.

Because the battery was quite empty, I could also try to recharge it. 
After several hours, the icon in the heading panel still claimed that the 
battery is about being charged. But Neocontrol showed that it's already 
being discharged again. Using a magnifying glass I could read in 
Neocontrol that status was "discharging", current was not negative anymore 
and charge was decreasing.

What I can confirm is that the possibility to set AT_OPSYS via Neocontrol 
works fine. Once again many thanks for this!

Best regards

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