[Gta04-owner] ANN: first replicant 4 with 3.12 kernel available

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Wed Nov 20 21:34:45 CET 2013

Hi all,
after the Replicant maintainers complained so much about the kernels
that they stopped to work for the only device we have that is really well
and openly documented, we have taken the lead to (sup-)port Replicant-4.0
on the GTA04.

With the great work by Lukas, we now have the first kernel 3.12 and Replicant-4.0
system that is in a good enough shape to ask you to help testing.

The project itself is hosted here:


The 3.12 kernel branch with adb and some other Android specific setups is here:


but you do not really need to access it directly since 'repo sync' loads it into your
local android build tree.

This kernel has almost the same completeness (all peripherals, camera, voice routing)
as the master branch but may need some more work to improve compatibility and iron
out the same issues we have for the 'master' kernel (e.g. suspend).

Please see the documentation how to compile Replicant 4 yourself:


For the curious, I have built it on a Darwin-10.8 host using this script:


And please note that a 3.12 kernel needs a newer toolchain than Replicant-4
provides as prebuilt binaries.

The SD image (single partition to facilitate swapping with other systems) can be
created/installed from here:


Please note that we have just plumbed things together to make them work,
but not yet debugged much. Please help to identify issues. Some of them may
already be on our radar screen (e.g. F-Droid crashing immediately, modem support).

I would like to link to the GTA04 project donations page from which we pay
developers to actively contribute to our all benefit:



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