[Gta04-owner] gta04-replicant project

Lukas Märdian luk at slyon.de
Wed Nov 20 07:13:51 CET 2013

Am 04.11.2013 22:56, schrieb Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller:
>> Is it correct that the project does not include eabi patchs for latest
>> kernel? 
> Yes, because it is a compiler (or binutils) bug, resp. lack of recent enough toolchain.
> Using gcc 4.4.5 (compatible with Debian Wheezy) outside the replicant tree makes it
> compile fine.


it is now possible, to build the GTA04's 3.12 Replicant kernel inside
the Android environment, using an external/locally provided and up to
date toolchain.

Please refer to issue gta04-replicant#511:

Best regards,

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