[Gta04-owner] old GTA02 available

Vivian Brégier Vivian.Bregier at are-ata.org
Tue Nov 19 09:47:42 CET 2013

Hello fellow gta04 enthousiasts,

I just discovered this project; my understanding is that you are using
cases of old gta02 phones, replacing the mainboard.

I happen to have a gta02 phone waiting in my drawers. I will gladly send it
for shipping costs (from France) if anybody is interested. I have no use to
the device any more.

The case is a bit worn, I can send photos first. I remember the power
button was broken, but I guess this is not a problem since the mainboard is
being replaced. The screen was still functionnal, with no scratch.

Best regards,

P.S.: if this is not the right place, please forward my message or point me
to the right place.
Vivian Brégier
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