[Gta04-owner] GTA04A5 - revitalization?

Robert 'Bobby' Zenz Robert.Zenz at bonsaimind.org
Thu Nov 7 08:49:29 CET 2013


Good to hear that there's still movement on the GTA04A* models. 
I've been waiting for a chance to upgrade my GTA02, so count me in. I'd 
be happy to pay something upfront if that means that I can finally get 
my hands on a GTA04.

Best Regards,

On Wed, Nov 06, 2013 at 04:10:39PM +0100, Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:
> Hi all,
> after the Neo900 campaign was unexpectedly successful so far that I am now thinking
> of doing a similar thing to revitalize the GTA04A5 idea.
> For those who don't remember - the last variant that was built is the GTA04A4 revision
> which can still be improved. After so much time it even must be improved, because
> some components are no longer available to buy. E.g. the BMA accelerometer, the
> FETs used for the charging circuitry and I just learned yesterday that the OV9655 camera
> module is also no longer available (unless we are lucky to find a compatible one in
> China) and must be replaced by something as close as possible.
> There is also the idea to allow for an alternate earpiece receiver and vibramotor
> and UMTS antenna to make it easier to build a complete device e.g. from 3D print,
> without still needing an old GTA02 just for these 3 components.
> So the GTA04A5 was and will be planned to be a minor redesign, also taking some
> other issues into account (improved management of the UMTS module, GPS pulse
> per second, separate power down for IrDA and RS232).
> Now with the Neo900 at the horizon, there may also be the chance to swap the UMTS
> module!
> It looks as if the Cinterion PHS8 [1] would be a good replacement for the GTM601:
> same thickness and even a little smaller. And most likely with a more modern
> firmware, but of course completely different vendor specific AT commands. The good
> thing is that it just needs a simple registration to download a full set of documentation,
> i.e. no longer the NDA covered incomplete AT command list we had from OPTION.
> Well, we won't be able to develop a completely new device (e.g. things like OMAP5,
> 4GB RAM, better display and LTE are beyond the possibilites :). But a slight upgrade
> appears to be doable with not too much efforts and sharing some components with
> the Neo900 making both devices become a little cheaper.
> And to "kickstart" this effort, I propose that it becomes possible to buy vouchers that
> can either be paid back (if it turns out that we never will have a GTA04A5) or can be
> used to finally buy an GTA04A5. Vouchers could start at 100 EUR to make it easier
> to express that you want to have one now. Instead of prepaying the full price with
> completely unclear outcome.
> And, there could also be an initial donation phase (like for the the Neo900) to fund
> the remaining development cost (which would be much lower than the Neo900 which
> starts almost from scratch).
> What do you think?
> BR,
> Nikolaus
> [1]: http://m2m.gemalto.com/tl_files/cinterion/downloads/datasheets/gemalto_datasheet_PHS8_web.pdf
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