[Gta04-owner] Android 3.0 kernel for GTA04

Paul Kocialkowski paulk at paulk.fr
Thu May 9 12:49:50 CEST 2013

Le jeudi 09 mai 2013 à 12:01 +0200, Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller a écrit :
> What I wonder is why you still need to distribute your own MLO/u-boot and bootscr?

MLO and u-boot are just here for the sake of rebuilding them (moreover
they're not actually executed unless the user presses AUX).

The thing with boot.scr is that I had the old replicant 2.3 boot.scr
flashed in NAND and it would fail to load boot.img from the first vfat
partition, so I wrote another one to put on sdcard. Moving boot.img to
uImage makes the standard NAND boot script work as well (except that is
shows an unnecessary yellow screen before the splash). I don't really
see what difference it makes to use the Replicant bootscr or the
Goldelico one in that case.

> Are there features missing in the NAND boot system? If yes, please elaborate
> and they can be added.

Yellow screen at boot is annoying. For leds indicating status, I see
that it goes red -> orange -> green.

In my boot.scr, I decided to make it orange at first and green if it
succeeds/red if it fails (whatever 'it' refers to, mmc detect, file
load, etc). That way the orange is shown longer and the user has time to
see it. 

> The ideal world should be that only kernels and rootfs systems are on SD
> cards because that makes the life much easier for users wanting to swap SDs
> between systems or haven different systems on one SD.

I think we can't expect the users to have one particular bootscr
installed on NAND, so I believe we must provide one on sdcard that fits
our needs (be it the Goldelico one or the Replicant one). With boot.scr
in sdcard, we are sure that it tries to loads the correct file, which is
particularly needed if the user decided to replace the NAND boot.scr so
that it boots directly from NAND.

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