[Gta04-owner] Replicant GTA04 : suspend bug

Paul Kocialkowski paulk at paulk.fr
Tue Jan 29 11:02:12 CET 2013

Le lundi 28 janvier 2013 à 15:30 +0100, Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller a
écrit :
> Maybe this helps as a starting point?
> <http://code.google.com/p/rowboat/wiki/JellybeanOnBeagleboard_WithSGX>
> The GTA04 and the BeagleBoard XM are almost the same hardware from kernel perspective.
> Just needs to modify the board file (for different GPIOs and other wirings) and add/configure
> some drivers (display panel, touch, sensors, ...).

I am very aware of that fact. The big issue is that the Rowboat kernel,
that is the one advised by TI on the TI Processors Wiki, is very old
(2.6.x) and lacks support for the ICS interfaces (the adb interface is
incompatible with ICS userspace). Also, Rowboat doesn't handle
suspend/resume properly on BeagleBoard xM (it's -hidden- written
somewhere in their wiki IIRC).

The only omap3 android kernel that we found and that is recent enough to
support ICS userspace didn't work well with DM37x: IRQs were lost
because of a power issue Neil mentioned.

The biggest issue is that there is _no_ 3.x Android kernel for DM37x
SoCs. I tried merging generic Android stuff on top of various versions
of Neil's kernel (I think we tried them all), and everytime, I was left
facing huge issues. Now maybe with the Android mainlining effort on 3.7,
we could use Neil's 3.7 kernel for gta04 and only add the missing
Android bits. GNUtoo started doing this and he should know more about it
than I do.

I really want to see Replicant 4.0 on GTA04 happen too, I'm just very
frustrated by the lack of usable DM37x kernels for Android (as a matter
of fact, I found no other DM37x phone sold with ICS).

> > It is not good that in current Replicant-2.3 is used 3.2.27, it is because nothing else was found.
> > ( I can compare situation for example with RedHat Enterprise Linux - stable kernel for version ) 
> > At moment I am trying to find which features from latest kernel versions is it possible to
> > use with current used, Paul try go get working stage for 3.0.8 version. 
> > My opinion that all correction concerning GTA04 should be available not only for latest kernel
> > version, but for some stable release. I understand that it is difficult task, but we should discuss
> > how to organize that.

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