[Gta04-owner] No Aux or U-Boot Menu?

Sam Muirhead sam at yearofopensource.net
Thu Jan 3 12:04:04 CET 2013

> /dev/mmcblk0p1
>                 vfat       64448      4013     60436   7% /boot
> and contents of /boot:
> gta04:~# ls /boot
> MLO      bootargs.scr    splash.rgb16z  u-boot.flash  x-load.flash
> boot.scr  menu.rgb16z    u-boot.bin     uImage
> Do you know where the above ^^^ files come from? It looks that you have
> bootloader on SD card. Normally you want to use bootloader in NAND.
I assume they came from the makesd script? they're on:

/dev/mmcblk0p1  vfat       64448      4013     60436   7% /boot

> Maybe the best way now would be to download latest u-boot files from here [1]
> to /boot (mmcblk0p1). After power cycle it should flash to NAND and you should
> get the u-boot menu.
In /boot, I deleted the above files and then downloaded:
MLO                   splash.rgb16z                                 uImage
boot.scr              u-boot-image-gta04_0.20121207193226_armel.deb     
bootargs.scr        u-boot.bin
menu.rgb16z      u-boot.flash

I rebooted, it booted LXDE. I turned it off, then on + hold AUX, and the 
screen went green before booting LXDE.
Did I download the right files?
To the right place?

Thanks for your help!
> After you have u-boot menu working delete all from mmcblk0p1 and just 
> put there uImage and bootargs.scr from QtMoko (they are in the qtmoko 
> tarbal in /boot). Regards Radek [1] 
> http://download.goldelico.com/gta04/20121212-GTA04-Production/ 

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