[Gta04-owner] Build script for GTA04/wheezy/armhf

Neil Jerram neil at ossau.homelinux.net
Wed Feb 27 00:21:52 CET 2013

Neil Jerram <neil at ossau.homelinux.net> writes:

> I just noticed that my last pdebuild-cross build and debian/rules have a
> "-marm" option that I didn't have in that build, so I'll try adding that.

That helped, and with a few further changes I can now build for
wheezy/armhf.  The complete set of build-related changes is attached.

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I've also removed the use of pulseaudio from my codebase, and so avoided
having to solve the libpulsecommon problem mentioned in debian/rules.
People who want to build for themselves and keep pulseaudio, see what
debian/rules does.

There are other good things that debian/rules does but which I don't yet
have in my build, such as using the system sqlite.  I may eventually
copy those across, but for me the immediate priority was to get back to
having a working incremental build system.

Finally a brief comment on this method as compared with the other build
methods that are available, and have been recently discussed.

- The pdebuild-cross method works well, but AFAICS only does complete
  starting-from-scratch builds.  I.e. it's something to use to prepare a
  package for deployment when you're already sure that all the code

- Native building on the GTA04 is cool, but I don't really want to spare
  8Gb of my SD card for this, and it's also reported to be slow.

- I haven't yet tried QEMU at all, but again, IIUC, it is rather slow.

I hope I haven't misrepresented or misunderstood anything there.
Assuming I haven't, IMO the qtmoko-chroot.sh method is still very much
needed for efficient incremental development.


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