[Gta04-owner] qtmoko-navit: Gui blocks in town search in binfile maps.

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Mon Feb 18 14:53:19 CET 2013

On Monday, February 18, 2013 02:23:51 PM Stefan Wildemann wrote:

> Well... at least I'm not gone mad.
> Ok, let's fix it. Is there a description on how to correctly build
> navit-qtmoko for armhf? Currently I'm trying to build qtmoko on my armhf
> qemu box. Still building (since a day). I have absolutely no clue on how
> doing things correctly in debian. I am used to Gentoo. Can I
> cross-compile armhf as well? There's only a description on cross
> compiling for armel. There seems to be no armhf cross compiler on emdebian.

I only use qemu for armhf. It could be also fairly easy to compile on the 
device. Or you can use native pc build. I havent figured out how to cross 
compile navit.

For building it should be enough just to checkout correct branch (called 
qtmoko_hack2) and dpkg-buildpackage will build it.

and you need to have build of qtmoko in /root/qte/build

> Or plan B would be to better integrate sdl applications to qtmoko, The
> sdl version is running smoothly beside not interacting with qtmoko. Is
> there any description on building qtmoko libsdl? Btw. this may help the
> other sdl applications too which suffer from the same problems.

Similar to navit - i did only native builds - debugged it on PC build and the 
recompiled for armhf. Again, just checkout sources from 
https://github.com/radekp/sdl-qtmoko and do dpkg-buildpackage.

I have tried to investigate the problem why sdl apps are not visible in QtMoko 
task manager - it's very likely because they are wrapped in shell scripts. But 
i am not sure if they appeared in task manager when launched straight from 
.desktop file...


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