[Gta04-owner] Can't boot QtMoko or SHR with current makesd script

Neil Jerram neil at ossau.homelinux.net
Sat Feb 16 12:12:59 CET 2013

I've been running for a long time with some ancient boot system, but I
decided it was time to upgrade to the latest best practice.  At the same
time I wanted to set up a new 16G card from scratch for QtMoko and SHR
dual booting.

I believe it should work to do this using two SD cards.

Card #1: 2Gb, for hw-validation and flashing the boot system.

Card #2: 16Gb, for QtMoko and SHR.

I prepared card #2 first by following the instructions at
http://sourceforge.net/projects/qtmoko/files/GTA04/.  Before booting
that, I also formatted partition 3 as ext4 and unpacked the latest
stable SHR tarball into it.

At this point I booted several times into the new QtMoko, using whatever
my old boot system was - no problem.  (Had fun playing with the new

But I couldn't yet try booting SHR, because I had no way of choosing
partition 3.

So now I prepared card #1 by downloading and running (after editing

Booting with this card, I see: white screen, red screen, then booting
into the LXDE/hw-validation system.  All seems fine here, and I would
presume that the new boot system has been flashed into NAND.

However, now when I take out card #1 and put back card #2, I can't boot
anything on card #2.  All I see is the white screen; it stays there for
at least several minutes with no indication of ever doing anything else.

Any ideas?


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