[Gta04-owner] QtMoko v52

e.waelde ew.ng7125 at nassur.net
Sat Feb 9 19:01:33 CET 2013


On 02/01/2013 11:08 AM, Radek Polak wrote:
> Hi,
> QtMoko v52 is out now. You can download experimental armhf tarball from here
> [1] or stable armel from here [2]. For more info visit our homepage [3].

Thanks for this great work!

a few questions:

1. using Terminal (and I use this often) is still missing the
"keyboard button. So showing and hiding it, is somewhat tedious.
This is a known bug, iirc.

2. I find it annoying that I have to switch the layout
(querty) every time I use the keyboard. After hide/show the
layout is back to abcde. So is there a place to request the
qwerty layout at start?

3. The readings of the pressure sensor seem to be updated only
after rather lengthy periods. Is this correct? Is there a place
to change the period? Is there any application to read the
sensor and store the readings?

4. Editing the name of a contact leads to rather funny results:
Adding "dr firstname lastname" will show "dr lastname" in the
list. Going back to edit the field shows the complete 
information. Feature? Bug??

5. Is there a way to explicitly write contact information onto
the SIM card?


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