[Gta04-owner] QtMoko v52

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Sun Feb 3 20:50:20 CET 2013

On Sunday, February 03, 2013 08:14:57 PM Adrien Dorsaz wrote:

> Le vendredi 01 février 2013 à 11:08 +0100, Radek Polak a écrit :
> > 2/ Wheezy/armhf version is now daily usable. It's marked experimental,
> > because not all apps are recompiled, you'll need to configure manually
> > X if you want to use QX and other small things. But i have used it for
> > like 2 months as phone and noticed no problems. In addition it's a bit
> > faster and multimedia is much better.
> I'm using v52-armhf now since some days and it works well (except resume
> some times, but I don't know why). It's faster and the phone works well.
> As I want to make some tests, I need to compile it and update my phone
> with it. Usually I make it using your readme, but it makes Squeeze with
> armel version.
> Should I simply upgrade my chroot to Wheezy and set "-architecture
> armhf" option for the configuration ?

you will need armhf toolchain first - i havent tried yet cross compiling for 
armhf so cant give exact steps. But maybe it will be possible to install armhf 
toolchain from emdebian project - similar as we install armel toochail.

Maybe rest of the chroot can be left on squeeze...



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