[Gta04-owner] Modem reenummerating (was: Re: Crowdfunding an Ubuntu smartphone)

Sven Dyroff S.Dyroff at phytec.de
Thu Aug 29 12:04:26 CEST 2013

Hello Nikolaus,

> Unfortunately I don't know what the factory setting is.

Isn't there any command to reset modem to factory settings?

> Looks like becoming a Heisenberg-Bug. The closer you look the less you 
can grab it...

> Hm. So it might also be a mixed bug between firmware and the network :(

Values of AT_OPSYS will be hold by modem even after power off for 
arbitrarily long time. So it's very likely that this is also true for 
other parameters. Perhaps there might be some values of AT_OPSYS that 
implicitely modify some other parameters, but these will nastily not be 
restored any more when you set AT_OPSYS to previous values again?

Best regards

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