[Gta04-owner] 3G internet connection

Sven openmoko at maricon.de
Mon Apr 29 21:42:47 CEST 2013

Hello Hermann,

 > @Sven: Do you really have to do this after each power-on?
 > I do not have to do this and I recall others saying the modem
 > "remembers" this setting across power-cycles?

ooops, you're right! It's hard to believe, but even after several hours 
without battery the modem still remembered my last setting. The phone 
connected to 3G straight after poweron and "AT_OPSYS?" answered "1,2".

So the most feasible explanation is that the modem got AT_OPSYS=0,2 from 
some earlier QtMoko version and then kept it all the time.

So I can set AT_OPSYS according to my needs once and then simply use it 
all the time. That's ok. Many thanks!

Perhaps one suggestion for improvement of further QtMoko versions: Ask 
for AT_OPSYS setting once after new installation of QtMoko, perhaps 
directly after touch calibration. Then it's not possible to forget it 

Best regards

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