[Gta04-owner] charging battery

Alexander Lehner lehner at edv-buero-lehner.de
Mon Apr 22 03:09:07 CEST 2013

On Mon, 22 Apr 2013, Boudewijn wrote:

> On Sunday 21 April 2013 01:58:14 Liz wrote:
>> my battery charging is erratic
>> as if there is rarely an electrical connection on the power circuit
>> although the USB connector is pushed fully in and there is power applied
>> I've tried three different devices to power the phone and charge the
>> battery with only intermittent success
> Which OS are you running, and what are the symptoms? What do you mean by
> 'devices'?
> I think Alexander (Lehner) (sorry if it was someone else) wrote something
> about tests with different USB cables, concluding that the GTA04 was more
> specific about which power it liked than the GTA02. I can't find the message;
> the closest are a message from Wed Nov  9 18:35:49 2011 and one from Mon Mar
> 19 14:08:55 2012. The message I had in mind had to do with the length of the
> USB cable as well: even short ones are no guarantee for a good charge.

Reading this, I can't recall having done such tests, but I may be wrong 
and have forgotten; though - some time along I played with charging, 
that's right. Also having crunshed my USB slot on the OM device and 
playing with the misterous PIN-5.

See my experiences here:


As far as I remember, the charging unit is independed from CPU as long as 
it takes only the specific 100mA from the USB hub. So in theory, if every 
electrics are fine, the phone should charge within 24h while beeing 
powered off. Right?

> Charging as such should not be a problem, though.
> Another thing is keeping charge: depending on the OS, charging stops when 100%
> charge is reached. That is OK, but it runs on battery after that, and not
> always starts charging before the battery is almost empty. I am not sure what
> the status of this situation is in each OS; I thought that for qtmoko there's
> a threshold of 3.x V for charging to kick in again.


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