[Gta04-owner] Setting up a working mail account in QtMoko v55

Sven openmoko at maricon.de
Mon Apr 8 20:39:07 CEST 2013

Hello Gabor,

thanks for the hint, but with Thunderbird sending and receiving works 
fine even at first trial and with SSL/TLS encryption.

Best regards

On 08.04.2013 12:08, Gabor Laszlo wrote:
> you could have picked a shittier mail provider, but not by much...
> Try setting up the account in Thunderbird first, make sure it works, 
> and use those settings.
> I got it to work on GTA02/QtMoko48 with yahoo mail with minimal 
> fiddling, so I'm thinking it's not the moko's fault.
> Gabor
> On Mon, Apr 8, 2013 at 12:16 AM, Sven <openmoko at maricon.de 
> <mailto:openmoko at maricon.de>> wrote:
>     Hello,
>     once more I tried to set up a working mail account, this time in
>     QtMoko v55. All my previous trials in previous versions failed,
>     but now I want to finally get it working. So any help appreciated.
>     I faithfully did the following:
>     1.) On a PC start the web interface from my German provider 1&1
>     and create a new mail account "mobil at maricon.de
>     <mailto:mobil at maricon.de>" especially for testing. I extra read
>     their help pages. There the following is listed:
>     account type        server    port unencrypted    port TLS    port SSL
>     POP3 (incoming) pop.1und1.de <http://pop.1und1.de>     110     110
>         995
>     IMAP (incoming) imap.1und1.de <http://imap.1und1.de>     143    
>     143     993
>     SMTP (outgoing) smtp.1und1.de <http://smtp.1und1.de>     25     25
>         -
>     I'm not quite sure, but I think it has been mentioned that QtMoko
>     cannot handle POP3 accounts. So I wanted to try IMAP.
>     2.) I called QtMoko's main menu and choosed "messages", then
>     "E-Mail". Then I called the options-menu and choosed "Account
>     settings...".
>     There two accounts are already predefined: "MMS" and "Collective".
>     None of them do I need, but I couldn't find any possibility to
>     delete them.
>     I called the options-menu again and choosed "Add account...".
>     There I entered my data for a new account named "mobil". This means:
>     "Incoming": Type IMAP, Username "mobil at maricon.de
>     <mailto:mobil at maricon.de>", Server "imap.1und1.de
>     <http://imap.1und1.de>", Port 143, Encryption None
>     "Outgoing": From "mobil at maricon.de <mailto:mobil at maricon.de>",
>     E-Mail "mobil at maricon.de <mailto:mobil at maricon.de>", Server
>     "smtp.1und1.de <http://smtp.1und1.de>", Port 25, Encryption None
>     3.) After clicking the return arrow I get question "Account
>     Modified. Do you wish to retrieve the folder structure for this
>     account?". I answer "yes" and get "Retrieve failure. mobil - Error
>     retrieving folders: Socket error [Host not found]".
>     I also tried SSL encryption and Port 993 for incoming and TLS
>     encryption for outgoing. Result is the same.
>     I also can click the return arrow once more and then from
>     option-menu choose "Get all mail". Result: The same "Retrieve
>     Failure".
>     4.) After all that I tried once more to call Arora web browser and
>     browse some web site. There's no problem with getting it, so it's
>     definitely excluded that the connection to the internet might be
>     the problem.
>     Please help! I finally want be able so read and send some mail
>     using QtMoko.
>     Does the problem come from the unused and therefore unconfigured
>     accounts "MMS" and/or "Collective"? How can I get rid of them? Or
>     have I misunderstood something in how to configure the mail account?
>     Best regards
>        Sven
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