[Gta04-owner] Extremely low microphone sensitivity

Peter Stubbe peter at peterogping.dk
Fri Apr 5 23:13:20 CEST 2013

> Hello Peter
> On 04/02/2013 06:24 PM, Pong wrote:
>> At last I installed the GTA04 in a donor Freerunner, and everything
>> seems to be working fine. Except when I call my girlfriend, I scream
>> my guts out, but she can only hear a faint whisper. I have tried to
>> adjust everything with alsamixer during a call, and I can make echoes
>> (at both ends) and all sorts of psychedelic effects. The only thing
>> I can not produce is more volume. What do you think I should I do
>> about that?
> Does this happen only while calling your girlfriend? :-)

As it turned out you hit the nail on the head :D
I spent a lot of time with arecord in nand and qtmoko, to find out that
PhoneEarpiece.state was not so bad after all. But she inherited my old
Freerunner, which is not so terrible loud, so she had trouble hearing
what I said, and when I started yelling it oddly gets worse. In the end
I managed to increase the volume in the Freerunner instead, and all is

One strange thing however is that if I set 'Audio Capture Volume' to 5
(it can be from 0 to 5), it mutes the mic. How can that happen?

> What I would try first is to run the phone without front cover and check
> if then there is still a problem with the microphone.

But the earpiece is in the front cover, so I would also not be able to hear
her, but at least we would be on equal footing.

Thanks for the advice

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