[Gta04-owner] Kernel 3.5 v49-1 for GTA04 has DTMF bug again

Gilles Filippini gilles.filippini at free.fr
Tue Sep 18 23:05:29 CEST 2012

Neil Jerram a écrit , Le 18/09/2012 22:37:
> Gilles Filippini <gilles.filippini at free.fr> writes:
>> > Radek Polak a écrit , Le 17/09/2012 16:41:
>>> >> The new version is here now:
>>> >> 
>>> >> http://qtmoko.sourceforge.net/debian/gta04/linux-image-3.5-qtmoko-
>>> >> gta04_49-1_armel.deb
>> >
>> > Hi Radek,
>> >
>> > DTMF bug seems back with this kernel.
> Do you mean that only the first DTMF tone works?


> If so, that's expected because I haven't yet provided an updated fix for
> that; my first attempt caused an SMS problem and so had to be reverted.
> (Also note that it's a userspace issue, not kernel.)

Doh! I thought DTMF and SMS were ok with the qtmoko v48 3.5 kernel, but
I must admit that it doesn't work better after reverting to it.

> I've been running an updated fix for a few days now, and it seems good,
> but I was being cautious.  It's attached below now, and it would be good
> if others can try and confirm that it doesn't reintroduce any SMS or
> modem state problems.  (And also fixes the DTMF problem!)

I'll give a try at it by the end of the week (need a 4 hours build on my



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