[Gta04-owner] Connecting USB-Stick

Sven openmoko at maricon.de
Fri Sep 14 12:44:30 CEST 2012


meanwhile I also could get some cables that provide an 
USB-host-connector on the OTG-port of the gta04 by connecting the ID pin 
to ground. If I connect an USB stick during poweroff and start booting 
then, after some time the stick's LED will light, indicating that it 
will really get power. Within a terminal session of QtMoko v47 I can do 
"ls /dev" and see at least that a /dev/usbdev2.2 has occured that will 
not be there without the USB stick connected. QtMoko v48 even doesn't do 
that. There nothing will happen at all.

When trying to mount /dev/usbdev2.2 under QtMoko v47, I always get the 
error message "not a block device", although the stick contains a valid 
FAT file system and mounting on another Linux system works without 
problems. What's wrong here?

Besides: When QtMoko v47 suspends, it also will switch off the power of 
the USB device. I think it shouldn't do that. And especially after 
resuming, it should at least switch it on again, what currently it 
doesn't do. More suspicious behaves QtMoko v48: It tries to suspend, the 
USB stick's LED flickers one short time, and then QtMoko v48 resumes at 
once again. It needs several attemps of this suspending/resuming, until 
it really suspends. Of course then also without switching on USB's power 
again after resume...

Best regards,

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