[Gta04-owner] A few observations about current QtMoko

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Fri Sep 7 09:16:04 CEST 2012

On Thursday, September 06, 2012 10:50:03 PM Neil Jerram wrote:

> QtMoko is pretty good and usable now.  I have a few random things that
> I'd like to mention, partly to advertise that we're in the domain of
> relatively mild problems now, and partly because, for some of the
> things, I don't yet have enough data points myself to see a clear
> pattern.

In fact i am now running out of bugs which i want to fix ;-)

> 1. Since the move to a 3.5 kernel, the BMP085 pressure reading is
> sometimes down between 710 and 730mb, which is obviously wrong.  It
> generally goes back up to ~1000 if left for a while without suspending.

I can see it too.

> 2. I've had a few successful calls since setting AT_OPSYS=3,2 instead of
> 0,2.  On the other hand, I also had a couple of calls where the audio
> sounded like low pitch growling.  (This is on an A3, so could be caused
> by the software audio routing.)

I had that growling sometimes when i started the call on A3. To me it looked 
like some data from previous session were still in the sound buffer. Once the 
growing stopped the call was normal then. On A4 with HW routing the problem 
does not exist.

> 3. I've noticed a few times that the GPRS/3G data stops working after a
> while (~1hr) or possibly after a certain amount of data transfer.
> Usually this is fixed by just stopping and restarting the GPRS/3G
> service.  A couple of times that didn't work (got stuck in "Pending")
> and I had to shut down and briefly remove the battery.  (Again, A3,
> where battery removal is needed to completely shut down the modem.)

I think the important part will be in AT command log. Most like some command 
didnt respond. The logic is that i send the first dialing AT command and on 
response i send the second one and so on. So if one of the commands does not 
respond it will end up in this pending state:


> 4. The Qtopia email program is pretty good.  So far I've noticed just
> two minor problems: it can't handle two levels of multipart/xxx content,
> and the To field is incorrectly disabled when forwarding an email; but I
> expect those will be easy to fix.

I have been trying to fix the multipart problem. It's quite annoying. I gave it 
15 minutes, but didnt managed to fix it in that time.

> 5. Is there a way of playing the Cutemaze game on the phone?  It seems
> to expect to be controlled by key events like "Up", "Down" and so on.

Probably not, but still i prefer to have the apps in the repo so that someone 
can fix them (same problem is currently with GPS setellites).



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