[Gta04-owner] Offering a present for Christmas

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Thu Oct 4 10:08:21 CEST 2012

Hi Sven,

Am 02.10.2012 um 10:31 schrieb Sven Dyroff:

> Hello, 
> Christmas is approaching and so I wanna stress the discussion of donations once again. Last time I did the result was, that giving donations to hardware projects would be better than for software projects, because promoting hardware projects results in bringing forward every software project, not only one. OK, accepted. So here's my new offer: 
> One of the biggest disadvantages of the gta04 still is its huge power consumption. Most people in this list quarrel with power drainage during suspend. To be quite clear: For me this is not the case, due to the reasons that I already described within this list, earlier. I can easily live with its current power drainage during suspend. But I emphatically quarrel with power drainage during poweroff! During poweroff the device should only take some µA for RTC and scanning power button. Everything above of that is much too much. And it's clear that if someone would be able to achieve this, it would be a nice side-effect that probably suspend would then also take less power. 
> So I come back to the idea I already described here some months ago. Why not make one special gta04a4, whose plate has absolutely no parts populated except 
> - PMIC 
> - OMAP with POP memory 
> - RS232 tranceiver 
> - USB tranceiver 
> - SD card slot 
> ? 
> I think for a kernel developer who is hunting araound for mA and µA, having such a device in addition to the ordinary gta04a4 would make things much easier. 

Generally it is IMHO a very good idea to bring down standby current consumption, but I think that such a sub-populated board doesn't help much.

If you really power off the device (through the TPS65950) and have switched off the UMTS module correctly there is only the RTC and scanning of the power button left over, i.e. there are no consumers connected directly to the battery except the PMIC and the UMTS module. And power consumption is in the uA range (maybe 100 uA). This has been proven during development of the board.

The problematic part appears to correctly shut down the unused components within the PMIC and the OMAP+PoP but keep suspend to RAM work correctly. And maybe one or two of the peripheral components are not shut down correctly (e.g. ITG3200, IrDA). But those would be missing on the subpopulated device.

> So I'm willing to pay GD for a making such a special gta04a4, if there's also at least one kernel developer who offers to spend a seriously amount of time to do this work. If he succeeds, he may keep this device as present. Otherwise I'll continue to claim the ownership of it for me, in order to be able to pass it to the next kernel developer, who wants to crack the hard nut... 
> Best regards 
>    Sven 
> P.S.: When making this offer, I expect that the costs for it will be max. 400 EUR. @Nikolaus: If this assumption is wrong, please tell me. 

It could fit if the UMTS module is left off. This is the most expensive single component.

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