[Gta04-owner] QtMoko v50

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Thu Nov 29 10:01:18 CET 2012

On Thursday, November 29, 2012 12:10:48 AM Adrien Dorsaz wrote:

> Endly I've found the solution, thanks ! Maybe you should add this
> into /distros/README ?

Done, thanks for pointer :)

> As said in mail [1], there's some regression because of pulseaudio
> (responsiveness of the GUI and CPU usage), but there's a workaround.

I left pulseaudio unconfigured for these releases. I think we have to 
carefully read all the options and make it well configured for next release.

> For current suspend (in same mail), I think that's because of pulseaudio
> and dbus, but I'm not sure (it could be good to be confirmed). Oh, I've
> just thought, that I didn't try v50 with pulseaudio workaround and SIM
> inside (all my tests were without SIM).

IIRC the phone takes much more power in suspend without SIM card. DBUS should 
not be problem at all, we are using dbus forever and it's suspended. 
Pulseaudio - it depends, it has the sound card device open when we go to 
suspend - this could play some role. You can quite easily check like this:

pasuspender sleep 60
now put the phone in sleep e.g. with lock button

After resume you can compare the power with normal.

> Here are some personal notes about current OS state :
>       * Wifi is good and I've thought about theming : as with last
>         themes, we can have ping if we click on wifi icons in top bar
>         (when wifi is enabled). Is it possible to have an icon when wifi
>         isn't connected (maybe a gray icon) ? If so, we could make a
>         script that automatically "starts" wifi connection (as the start
>         option in Internet connection).
>       * Maybe the same could be done for gprs/3g and bluetooth (to
>         enable it).

This could be easily done from the theme xml if there was a way how to start 
wifi/3g with qcop ipc calls - probably not possible in this relase, but it 
might not be hard to program it.

Personally i like how connecting to internet is done on N900 where it's 
accessible from the homescreen with just 2 clicks.

>       * When I've tried to get emails in QtMoko 48, I've seen that the
>         mail application couldn't read signed mails (and IIRC other
>         mails, but I didn't know why).

Yup got the same problem...

>       * I've just seen that we can have all sms sent and received by a
>         contact with "Contacts" application. I like it and I think I'll
>         try to implement an application to see the SMS like that (like
>         on Android devices). But I know only Java and Scala, so I'll
>         need time to learn C++, Qt and how to use Qt with framebuffer.

C++ is IMO crap, but Qt is very nice - IMO best framework for programming GUI.

>       * Personally, QtMoko needs contact and calendar synchronizer, but
>         I can't find a Qt application to do that. Maybe someone could
>         give me a tip ?

You can google out some opensync pluing for qtopia. It could be possible to 
make it working again.



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