[Gta04-owner] How to increase GTA04 sales to get price down

Joachim Meyer jewmeyer at web.de
Mon Nov 26 23:20:12 CET 2012


recently, I was thinking about how to make GTA04 more attractive to increase 
sales and allow for lower prices. My apologies if this has been discussed 
before and summarised as unrealistic.

As much as Golden Delicious likes to offer open hardware, there could be a 
business oportunity by turning a fraction of the GTA04 production into closed 
devices. Some (big) companies like to have full control over devices they make 
accessible to their employees or customers. There could be areas where a high 
level of data security or legal constraints about data privacy (e.g. in health 
care) need to be considered.

GTA04 (or a successor) could fill this "ecological niche" since it is not 
under control of a big mobile phone manufacturer.

How much effort would it be to disable booting capability via RS232 and to 
create a boot loader that only accepts signed kernels and root file systems?

Each company could have their own private key cast into their boot loader.

If companies decide to hire security researchers to check the system, that 
could even help the entire GTA04 community since everybody would benefit from 
a safer system.

I guess companies would probably prefer using something close to an  "industry 
standard", e.g. Replicant, but some might be interested in QtMoko, too.

Just an idea,
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