[Gta04-owner] Fully Trasparent Case for GTA04A4 & CaseKit Status

Matias Jose Seco matiasjoseseco at care2.com
Fri Nov 23 11:56:14 CET 2012

> I think Nikolaus' "X-ray Tux" comes closest (make the phone
transparent, not 
> the user)
> Perhaps printing a mould, and filling it with epoxy or so? As far as I
> there's been no experiment in that direction yet.

If suddenly there should be anyone for this, i'll buy one :)
I'll try asking to Shapeways


Regarding CaseKit: there's anyone who knows if it contains all the
remaining needed components? (aside from

So, now that my GTA04A4 arrived to home, should i try custom building
(which i feel is more interesting) or should i buy GTA02 (because
CaseKit is actually not complete)? 
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