[Gta04-owner] QtMoko v49

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Mon Nov 19 11:35:03 CET 2012

Hi Radek,

Am 19.11.2012 um 11:07 schrieb Radek Polak:

> On Monday, November 19, 2012 08:21:08 AM Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:
>> Hi Radek,
>> great work!
>> Here are my experiences and recommendations:
>> I have installed it as described in [1] on a fresh SD card and
>> tried to boot it on a GTA04A4 with the latest multiboot
>> system in NAND.
>> Quite quickly the microSD/NAND/1.sh/2.sh screen appears.
>> But when choosing 1.sh or 2.sh nothing important happens.
>> Choosing NAND makes the device reboot.
>> After pressing the microSD symbol, the Qt recalibration appears.
>> Fine!
>> But there is no visual hint that QtMoko is hiding behind this
>> microSD symbol...
> Hmm there could be hidden e.g. SHR there :) But you are right, it could be 
> more intuitive. I will try to do something with it...
>> I think this is not really intuitive to use. And is this user interaction
>> step and choice still useful for anything or can it be completely
>> removed now with the multi-boot system in NAND?
> Yes i am thinking about it. However the gta04-init has following advantages:
> * you can select partition that you want to reboot to from QtMoko gui
> * you can boot to subdir on partition (2 or more systems on one partition)
> * it can autodetect rootfs type and it can boot e.g. from btrfs
> * it can boot from extended partitions
> * you can to write scripts (1.sh and 2.sh) to boot from network, squashfs or 
> whatever
> e.g. debian on PC is also using initramfs - it has many advantages against 
> booting kernel with root=/dev/xxx rootfstype=yyy.
> I am thinking what now - i really dont want to just remove it. I spent weeks 
> on it and from my POV it would remove functionality that i daily use. E.g. i 
> have like 4 partitions and i am rebooting between them and i dont want to wait 
> for uboot, press AUX and select partition. I just want to click reboot to 
> partition 6.

Yes, I see that there are benefits and therefore it should not be simply removed.
But it makes booting more complex than it needs to be.

My impression is that most (new) owners of a GTA04 (at least initially) just want
to have an SD card with a single image to install on some SD and put it
into the GTA04. Then it should boot just that image.

> So i'd like these two system coexist. First thing - for next release i'd like 
> to change default partition scheme for QtMoko like this:

Or can you make it an optional install besides core-QtMoko?

Or make it boot right through to QtMoko until someone enables it to have
more features?

> p1 - FAT partition with uImage so that the current initramfs can work without 
> changes
> p2..p4 rootfs for QtMoko, SHR whatever
> p5 - FAT for media
> p6 - swap

Hm. Can you swap p5&p6? This would make it easier to define the partition size
for media to use everything until end-of-disk.

> This way you can have 3 rootfs paritions bootable with the new uboot system.

Hm. What is the benefit over having 4 bootable partitions in the AUX/U-Boot menu
(besides being more flexible in partition type/scheme)?

> Maybe i could remove the need for FAT p1 partition later, but for now i'd keep 
> it since it's a lot of coding and testing.
>> Another observation:
>> with the uImage in /rootfs/boot/uImage it is not even required to copy
>> the uImage to the first FAT partition any more (cp boot/uImage /mnt/p1).
> Well this is gta04 initramfs feature. It copies the kernel from target 
> partition (directory) and reboots with that kernel.

Ah, I see. But I think this may make the SD hang on second boot (unless
you have compiled the second partition into the kernel on the FAT
partition). Because the latest u-boot/boot.scr finds a kernel in FAT
but no bootargs.scr and tries to boot the NAND jffs.

>> A final observation - on this unit, the barometer reading was a
>> little unstable. It did jump between 945 mbar (which is correct) to
>> values like 750 or 796 mbar. After a while the reading was again ok.
> It's known problem. IIRC kernel reports it sometimes wrongly...

Yes, I would assume that. Maybe some lock missing while reading
the sensor data.

>> BTW: NeronGPS did work fine!
>> Finally, I have made a variant of 'makesd' that prepares a SD and
>> installs QtMoko-v49:
>> <http://download.goldelico.com/gta04/20121119-GTA04-QtMoko-v49/>
> Thanks!
> Radek

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