[Gta04-owner] Experimental QtMoko v49 rc1

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Fri Nov 9 16:02:20 CET 2012

you can now download QtMoko experimental v49 pre release. It's not final, 
because of some bugs (see below).

Here is (incomplete) changelog:

  * upgrade to qt 4.8.3
  * using gstreamer as media engine instead of cruxus
  * support for html5 video in browsers
  * fixed DTMF tones on gta04 (Neil Jerram)
  * fixed USSD message box size (Stefan Rupp)
  * A3 earpiece state uses HiFi priority (Neil Jerram)
  * lot of work on debian package (Gilles Filippini)
  * ogg metadata plugin (Neil Jerram)
  * fixed empty email content with windows charset (Neil Jerram)
  * fixed some email content displaying (Neil Jerram)
  * fixes in QtMaze accelerometer (Neil Jerram)
  * improvements in svg layouts (adrien)
  * arora and qx use new accelerometer library (Neil Jerram)
  * qmplayer scans for webm and mkv now too
  * updated build instructions - cross building is now done in chroot
  * using now glib even loop
  * parallel make option in configure for -build-qt option
  * pc build

Currently v48 has problem with sound - ringtones and sound in calls sometimes 
stops working, because mediaserver process has open the sound card.

My idea was to move from cruxus media engine to gstreamer and see if the 
problem goes away. Since gstreamer is much better supported and is also used 
in webkit it quite makes sense.

So what now works:

1/ gstreamer can play ringtones. I have tried call the phone many times and it 
was always ringing, the sound card seems to get correctly closed when not in 
use, so this looks good.

2/ you can now use media player for videos - i tried few videos and the 
results were quite good. It's same fast or faster then mplayer, it has synced 
sound and the GUI and controls are much better then in qmplayer. I think it 
has some problem with colors - it looks like some colors are swapped.

3/ html5 video tag is now supported. You can try some html5 tests or 
youtube.com/html5 but it does not work very good.

What are problems:

1/ ringtone plays just once - you can workaround this by selecting some long 
ogg or mp3 as ringtone.

2/ i could make mediaserver stop playing sounds. It happens after installation 
or maybe after some media which it cant handle. killall mediaserver seems to 
help here.

3/ sometimes after playing sounds the phone wont suspend. Again killall 
mediaserver helps here.

4/ gstreamer in debian is huge. The image has now 163 MB. It was 97MB for v48. 
I am now installing gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg,gstreamer0.10-alsa,gstreamer0.10-
plugins-good. First i tried just gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg and gstreamer0.10-alsa 
but it was not enough to play videos.

There are also some other unsolved problems like QWSLock warning which are 
commented for now so that they dont spam logs. SMS messages in the message 
list also have all title "Draft message" which is not correct and you will 
likely found some other problems...

So you can test this image and report how it works.



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