[Gta04-owner] more beginner's questions: ssh

Neil Jerram neil at ossau.homelinux.net
Thu Nov 8 09:32:37 CET 2012

Sam Muirhead <sam at yearofopensource.net> writes:

> Thanks Neil,
> that helped - I can now ping successfully, but when I try to
> connect via ssh I get 'The authenticity of host ' ('
> can't be established.' and 'host key verification failed'

That's normal whenever you connect to an SSH host for the first time -
except normally you get a prompt on the client saying something like 'Do
you want to add this host to the list of known hosts?'

If that didn't happen in your case, I can guess two reasons:

1) You have SSH client-side config that prevents that prompt - look at
'man ssh_config' for that.

2) Your ~/.ssh/known_hosts already has an older entry for
- e.g. from a previous Freerunner or GTA04 distro.  In this case you
need to identify and delete that line, and then you'll be prompted on
the next ssh attempt.

It's probably (2) - this is one of the hassles of upgrading or switching
between distributions.  For me, the SSH 'verification failed' message
also indicates the relevant line of ~/.ssh/known_hosts, so then I just
delete that line, and retry the ssh.


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