[Gta04-owner] Status OpenPhoneux / GTA04

Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli GNUtoo at no-log.org
Mon Jun 4 02:34:50 CEST 2012

On Sat, 2012-06-02 at 12:37 +0400, Norayr Chilingarian wrote:
> I worried not only about non-free graphics driver, but also about
> non-free gsm firmware.
I don't have much time for participating in a free GSM firmware, however
the following looks interesting:

root at om-gta04:~# ./test-qcdm --port /dev/ttyHS_Diagnostic 
/test_crc16_1: OK
/test_crc16_2: OK
/test_escape1: OK
/test_escape2: OK
/test_escape_unescape: OK
/test_utils_decapsulate_buffer: OK
/test_utils_encapsulate_buffer: OK
/test_utils_decapsulate_sierra_cns: OK
/test_result_string: OK
/test_result_uint32: OK
/test_result_uint8: OK
/test_result_uint8_array: OK
/test_com_port_init: OK
** Message: test_com_version_info: Compiled Date: Jan  5 2011
** Message: test_com_version_info: Compiled Time: 11:14:34
** Message: test_com_version_info: Release Date: Jan  5 2011
** Message: test_com_version_info: Release Time: 11:14:34
** Message: test_com_version_info: Model: SCAUTNZ1
** Message: test_com_esn: ESN: deadd00d
/test_com_mdn: OK
** Message: test_com_read_roam_pref: Roam preference: 0xFF (automatic)
** Message: test_com_read_mode_pref: Mode preference: 0x0D (CDMA 1x and
HDR only)
/test_com_read_hdr_rev_pref: OK
/test_com_status: OK
/test_com_sw_version: OK
/test_com_status_snapshot: OK
/test_com_pilot_sets: OK
** Message: test_com_cm_subsys_state_info: Call State: 0 (idle)
** Message: test_com_cm_subsys_state_info: Operating Mode: 5 (online)
** Message: test_com_cm_subsys_state_info: System Mode: 3 (GSM)
** Message: test_com_cm_subsys_state_info: Mode Preference: 0x0D
** Message: test_com_cm_subsys_state_info: Band Preference: 3221225471
** Message: test_com_cm_subsys_state_info: Roam Preference: 0xFF
** Message: test_com_cm_subsys_state_info: Service Domain Preference: 2
** Message: test_com_cm_subsys_state_info: Acquisition Order Preference:
** Message: test_com_cm_subsys_state_info: Hybrid Preference: 0
** Message: test_com_cm_subsys_state_info: Network Selection Preference:
** Message: test_com_hdr_subsys_state_info: device does not implement
the HDR subsystem
** Message: test_com_ext_logmask: Max # Log Items: 1262 (0x4EE)

** Message: test_com_log_config: Num Log Items: 1261 (0x4ED)
** Message: test_com_log_config:    Enabled: 0x1029
** Message: test_com_log_config:    Enabled: 0x102b

** Message: test_com_zte_subsys_status: device does not implement the
ZTE subsystem
** Message: test_com_wcdma_subsys_state_info: IMEI: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
** Message: test_com_wcdma_subsys_state_info: IMSI: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
** Message: test_com_wcdma_subsys_state_info: L1 state: 10 (Stopped)
** Message: test_com_gsm_subsys_state_info: IMEI: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
** Message: test_com_gsm_subsys_state_info: IMSI: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
** Message: test_com_gsm_subsys_state_info: MCC: 222
** Message: test_com_gsm_subsys_state_info: MNC: 880
** Message: test_com_gsm_subsys_state_info: LAC: 0x3B27
** Message: test_com_gsm_subsys_state_info: Cell ID: 0x333C
** Message: test_com_gsm_subsys_state_info: CM Call State: 0 (idle)
** Message: test_com_gsm_subsys_state_info: CM Opmode: 5 (online)
** Message: test_com_gsm_subsys_state_info: CM Sysmode: 3 (GSM)

test-qcdm comes from libqcdm compiled with --with-tests which is part of
modem manager...

The idea behind it would be to try the PEEK and POKE commands to peek
and poke at memory locations in the option modem.

Note that there was a talk at the CCC about reversing a qualcomm
baseband(in fact an option usb stick), if that can help...


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