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Norayr Chilingarian norayr at arnet.am
Sat Jun 2 10:37:55 CEST 2012

I worried not only about non-free graphics driver, but also about
non-free gsm firmware.

On 05/31/12 07:36 , Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:
> Hi all,
> end of the month - time to take some breath of air and
> write a status update of the OpenPhoenux/GTA04 project.
> 1. Group Tour
> is still in production (with problems). About 30% of the boards
> have been produced but had failures. About 1/3 of those had
> been without problems or have been fixed now. These units
> have already been shipped last week (based on a first order
> first served sequence).
> The other boards are in rework. The production company
> now thinks they have managed how to raise production yield.
> But due to illness and school holidays in Bavaria, they
> have not yet continued to work.
> So please expect that it will become End of June for delivery...
> As soon as these group tour devices have finally been shipped,
> we can start planning the next version/release. But then with
> keeping a better eye on the production yield and speed.
> To avoid misunderstandings: the electronical design is
> working very well, as the devices show that have already
> been shipped. It is a pure production problem with the solder
> joints of the chips on the PCB. No electrical or electronical
> problems without a workaround.
> It is like running a completely debugged software on
> defective memory... Or having a 200mph sports car that
> you can't use because some of the screws are loose.
> But for each unit there are different ones so you have
> to check them all.
> 2. Presentation at LinuxTag
> Lukas and myself gave a well recognized presentation
> for an audience of approx. 70 listeners.
> And we had that "project meeting point", which is a booth
> shared by several projects. We had very interesting
> discussions there.
> Presentation slides: 
> http://download.goldelico.com/default/Presentations/20120526%20LinuxTag%202012%20-%20Openmoko%20is%20dead%20-%20long%20live%20Openphoenux.pdf
> 3. free 3D Graphics driver
> one topic came up during LinuxTag: free 3D graphics
> drivers. As you may know, the DM3730 has a integrated
> PowerVR SGX530 GPU which is currently not even used.
> There exist drivers and non-free binaries for user space
> and firmware available through the BeagleBoard.org project
> and TI. So it is not used just because nobody did look deeply
> enough into the installation procedures.
> Unfortunately these are "non-free" software. While for the
> MALI GPU, there is a very active project to reverse engineer
> and write a free driver. This got quite a lot of attention during
> FOSDEM and LinuxTag.
> For the PowerVR there was also a project proposal last
> year and it was even made a high priority project by FSF.
> So I tried to find out the current status.
> Well, FSF forgot to kick off the project (they said they will
> now take care of it). And there is no more progress than
> http://libreplanet.org/wiki/Group:PowerVR_drivers
> http://lkcl.net/powervr/sgx/ (list of reverse engineered PowerVR SGX USSE Opcodes)
> http://elinux.org/Create_Open_Source_PowerVR_GPU_driver
> And I got in contact with a handful of people interested
> in this.
> Since I would find it good to give us more freedom of choice
> for 3D drivers, I offered to use the gta04-owner mailing list for
> discussions. And maybe some of you are also interested
> to contribute to this.
> 4. Nomenclature OpenPhoneux/GTA04
> There may be some confusion what "GTA04" and "OpenPhoneux"
> are and what makes them different.
> We define:
> * GTA*: the next generation motherboard(s), i.e. electronics
> * OpenPhonux: the future "independent mobile handheld" project
>    aiming at complete devices (i.e. GTA04 + case + components)
> Currently, we run the domains www.gta04.org and
> www.openphoenux.org. The Openphoenux.org home
> page will be made more prominent and content rich soon.
> This is done to become independent from the OpenMoko
> brand and the www.openmoko.org domain whose future
> and fate is completely uncertain.
> 5. OpenPhoenux Community
> For the reasons mentioned above, we invite everybody to
> subscribe to
> http://lists.openphoenux.org/mailman/listinfo/community
> which we hope will become the new community for those
> interested in free and open and independent smartphone
> platforms.
> For some time there will of course be overlap, duplication
> and friction... But this new list belongs to a project that
> is active.
> After a while we may be able to close the gta04-owner list
> and switch over to openphoenux community.
> 6. GTA04 installation parties
> One more idea was triggered by the LinuxTag discussions:
> Who of you would be interested in organizing a GTA04
> installation party in your region?
> Some member of the GTA04 core team could try to come
> and help installing the device, the display, the camera
> and also give some introduction presentations for software
> installations.
> Happy flying with the OpenPhoneux,
> Nikolaus
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