[Gta04-owner] QtMoko v40, no calls possible

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Tue Feb 21 18:24:11 CET 2012

On Tuesday 21 February 2012 17:31:39 Rainer Nerb wrote:

> I just wanted to share my experiences with my GTA04 and hope to get some
> help:

i expect that you have newer GTA04A04?

>     * every no and then after booting QtMoko doesn't start completely.
>       It shows "no network" and when switching to task manager and back,
>       there's the screen for entering the PIN but it's without an unlock
>       button. This does even happen with SIMs on which PIN is disabled.
>       After rebooting (sometimes more than one restart necessary) QtMoko
>       starts normally.

Maybe you could try to enable logging (in Settings->Logging) and "Modem AT 
commands" category and send log when it happens. Log messages are in 

>     * calling out works so far that the remote phone rings, but there's
>       only a click and a text-message indicating "gsm-voice-routing
>       started". I can neither here a dial tone nor the person answering
>       the call. The called person also can't hear anything. Sometimes
>       messages about a broken pipe show up during calls.

Again log would be nice - this time with "Audio state" logging category. And 
please also try to comment out this line:


in /opt/qtmoko/qpe.env

>     * bluetooth doesn't (maybe not yet implemented?)

It has currently problems with 3.2 kernel.

>     * playing sound-files via speakers is working, but volume can't be
>       adjusted (when trying to turn it down, it grew louder and ended in
>       noise).

In which application? QMplayer or the default player?

>     * in "Power Management" I'm unable to set things for "When locked":
>       immediately after selecting this option the screen turns black and
>       my only option is to restart the device via ssh.

There is slider - it works even when screen is dim - it's uncomfortable but it 

> Hope those descriptions are understandable and sufficient, otherwise
> just indicate what else is needed.

Perfect :)

> Thanks for all your work so far...
> Rainer

Thanks for testing!



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