[Gta04-owner] That thread with lots of links in

Bob Ham rah at bash.sh
Sat Feb 18 20:43:34 CET 2012

On Sat, 2012-02-18 at 18:53 +0100, thomasg wrote:

> Also, google does not care about E-Mail for their search machine
> service - however, they of course crawl through the web archive.
> For this case the archive on goldelicio.com correctly sets this
> header: <META NAME="robots" CONTENT="index,nofollow">

I wasn't aware of that.

> As such, I have absolutely no understanding to your criticism and the
> reason why you would write this mail.

Primarily, my concern was that the archive would be trawled by a search
engine and that responses to the email would increase the strength of
word->URL associations generated by trawling the thread.  However, even
with preventative robot instructions, it is still poor form to respond
to spammers.  This kind of anti-social behaviour is almost always dealt
with best by ostracising the sender.

That said, I may have been wrong in my assertion that the original email
was an attempt to generate google hits :-)  In which case, I apologise.

Bob Ham <rah at bash.sh>

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